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We live in the village of Pabianice located near Częstochowa, in the region of Częstochowa- Cracow Jura. Due to this fact, our family enjoys beautiful landscapes and spends spare time close to nature.

All animals living with us (regardless of the species) are full members of our family.


We breed guard dogs which also prove true family friends, loyal to their owners, especially children.

While choosing the  parent dogs we place emphasis not only on great appearance of dogs but also on their character and correct temper. This kind of selection allows us to breed puppies to meet physical and mental standards.

The “trump card” of our husbandry is early socialization of puppies. We start education of our dogs almost from the first days of their life. Due to this fact the puppies are brave, self- confident and, what is more, they gladly cooperate with humans. All whelps also come into contact with other animals.

We are trying to “create” dogs which will mostly satisfy people interested in taking part in dog shows but also those looking for dogs’ useful features. Our Leonberger dogs are eminent guards of people. They are not afraid of spending night outdoors. These dogs have good relationship with their owners, often being good companion while playing with children.

Eurasian dogs are recommended to dog fans who cannot take the liberty of purchasing a Molosser and who are interested in faithful, not venal guard dogs.

The third breed we offer is the Wolfspitz. Alert and rather small in size, these dogs make not only perfect guard but also all-round companions.

Choosing one of these interesting breeds, it must be remembered that such dogs require much love and constant contact with their owners. In order to develop precious features, both Leonberger dogs and  Eurasian dogs must be treated like other family members.