Leonberger dogs belong to group II of FCI which includes Molosser dogs, Schnauzer dogs and Pinscher ones. They are large dogs, proportionally built with long, straight or slightly wavy coat. Their fur is always brown with different shades of this colour. The black “mask” on the snout makes them really charming.
Thick coat doesn’t require special care unless it is molting season. Feeding, however,  requires preparing high quality meals especially when dogs are in growing period.
Leonbeger breed is distinguished by their balanced temper. These brave and calm dogs behave accordingly to all situations they are involved in. They are extremely devoted to the family. Cut out for working, they feel really good protecting the house and garden. If Leonberger dogs feel unloved and neglected they can become listless and apathetic. They are born to guard- their very appearance is enough to scare away any intruder.
This breed is recommended to those who want to have spectacular dog, easy to educate and bonded to the whole family. Everyday contact with these sweet giants will result in satisfaction and happiness on condition that the owner gives them a lot of attention and care.