KONSTANCJA  Ligocka Wataha,,TAJGA,,

31.12.2004 – 15.02.2012
Tajga was the first Leonberger in our family. She was also the first which shows ups and downs of dog shows at which we attended many times. Tajga was a mother of five litters (A, B, C, D and E). Nowadays her puppies are irreplaceable fellows not only in common families but also in those with handicapped loved one. Some of them took part in many shows, which was proved by Junior Champion of Poland and Champion titles. It is hard to forget her bravery during fire of our house in January 2010. But for Tajga, our family could be uncompleted. Full of energy as a puppy, with good health this dog bitch was with us till the end of her days. We hoped to be pleased with her retirement,  unfortunately, she passed away all of sudden and left emptiness in our hearts.



TOMMY Patland

10.05.2014 – 24.05 2015



One owner’s dog – my beloved little clown.












ARES Lupus Ferratus

09.04.2007 – 20.05.2017

The best dog I ever have had.
So  many great memories.