Eurasian dogs are rated to the group V of FCI which contains Spitz dogs and primary bre.

This young breed was created in Germany trough the crossing of German Wolfspitz and Chow-chow with further addition of Samoyed dog. Eurasian breed was entered into FCI Register in 1973 year.
Eurasian dogs are medium-sized (male 52-60cm, female 48-56cm) with the appearance of Spitz dogs. The colour of their fur may vary. We can found them with ginger, red-black, black with fair glowing fur or even wolf- coloured. The only colour which is not allowed seems to be white. The coat is of middle length and it doesn’t hide the dog’s profile. The tail is distinguished by its thick and fluffy fur, and it is usually worn on the dorsum of its back.

Eurasian dogs are extremely loyal to the family, especially children. They do not trust strangers but it doesn’t cause aggressive behaviour on their part. They are great  protectors and made no noise, which seems to be vital especially for those living in cities.

The Eurasian breed is healthy and not demanding. If we pay attention to dogs and give them love, they  usually adopt to particular housing conditions.  They require advanced care treatment only in the  moulting period.
These dogs learn easily and willingly, but one should bear in mind that as they are Spitz dogs, they need a little bit of freedom and independence. This fact do not affect their utility.
Eurasian dog breed is still rare. By dint of the dogs’ look and useful features they are worth paying attention to which is proved by increasingly growing groups of their fans in Europe.