Ch.PL. J.Ch.PL. ARES Lupus Ferratus ,,ASLAN,,

Born: 09.04.2007
 Aslan is a typical working dog. He does well at what Leoneberger dogs were created for. He is a very vigilant dog that has a great need for guarding. In the situation of an unauthorized visit of a stranger, he responds immediately and without the least oscillation.
Aslan treats our guests with reservation but he has no problem with accepting them on his territory. Other dogs can be his playfellows only if they absolutely accept Aslan’s domination.
Our dog can be surly called “cuddly toy” because of his sensitivity and fondling demands which can be unimaginable for those who has never had Leoneberger dogs before. As for Molosser he is unusually obedient and obeys all commands immediately.
Although his appearance is ideal, Aslan does not enjoy shows because such situations do not correspond with his territoriality and ascendant temper. He does not tolerate close contact with other dogs. On the other hand, Aslan manages to present his advantages on the ring. Taking part in dog shows with Aslan seems to be a hard task but proves very satisfactory.